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        Closed JSC “Electrovypryamitel-Works of special transformers” was established in 1979. In 1993 it was incorporated as branch office of Public JSC “Electrovypryamitel” and became an independent unit. In 1999 it was reorganized into Closed Joint-Stock Company.

        Since the day of its foundation our works was aimed at developing and organizing large-scale production of rectifier units only for needs of Ministry of Defence.                          

The enterprise features:


 - licence of Russian control systems Agency (RASU) ¹ 0001581, designation number P-0534 Ý of 18 April 2003 that gives right to manufacture munition and  fighting equipment (codes EKPS VS RF 6120; 6130)

 - “Certificate of Conformity” ¹ 6300.310337/ RU designation number ¹3426-ÑÊ issued by “Certification Association” of “Oboroncertifika” certification system.


The present certificate hereby confirms that Quality Management System applied to design and development of power semiconductor electric energy converters for fighting engineering products complies with requirements of standards SRPP VT, GOST RV 15.002-2003, GOST R ISO 9001-2001;


-“Certificate of testing laboratory accreditation” ¹ 04.80007.130 of 15.03/2004 issued by “Russian Navigation Register of Shipping”, it is  valid up to 05.02.2008.


The present “Certificate of testing laboratory accreditation” hereby certifies that “Center of tests and supervision of guarantee” of Closed JSC “Electrovypryamitel- WST” is competent to carry out test of all types that are necessary to confirm the quality of manufactured products of seaworthy version  (codes EKPS VS RF 6120; 6130);


-licence  ¹ Á 327659 designation number ¹ 195 of 09.12.2004 to carry out works with use of information that represents State secret. The licence is issued by Department of Security Federal Service of Mordovian republic.


Closed JSC “Electrovypryamitel-WST” has made its reputation in industrial complex of Ministry of Defence,- indusrry and power engineering of Russian Federation, and other Mnistries of the country. It is confirmed by comments of major consumers of works products, such as, Public JSC “Severstal”, Federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) “Sevmash”, FSUE “Zvezdochka”, FSUE “Amursk ship-building yard”, FSUE “Siberian chemical plant”.


The works major activity includes accomplishment of state tasks concerning further development of major branches of country’s economy, such as, defence, power engineering, transport, oil,- gas extracting industry, construction industry.


Priority assistance is given to output of quality products that comply with the best foreign analogs concerning their technical parameters. Currently, production modernizing is underway constantly, state-of-art equipment is purchased, resource and equipment  base renewal takes place, we launch advanced technologies as well.


At present, Closed JSC “Electrovypryamitel-WST” is a unique enterprise that maintains production structure at complicated time of economy development,  as well as intellectual potential. In doing so, defence capability of Russia is provided.

General Director           D. Fomichev